Sunday, May 8, 2011

Breaking the Silence Series Part 2- How a man should be

      For those that don't mind reading my blogs... i know that you are probably thinking, "Wow, she stepping out there" ... but my recent theme says, I want you to see what I see... That being said... here goes:

      First impressions mean everything to me as it should to anyone.  That is one thing that has never changed about me. How a guy greets, what he says out of his mouth, his body language... that's a strong key thing that he should possess.  I used to giggle to the "how you doing sweetheart... can I talk to you for a minute?"(with the up and down of checking me out)... as I aged, I used to dislike it and was terribly mean as I have been told by many guys and witnesses of that familiar "scene"...but NOW after salvation, I can honestly say there has been improvement...I decline the best I can... That being said, a guy should at least say excuse me, leave the "pet names" alone, and give eye contact that feeds off CONFIDENCE. That will give him a foot in the door just to converse. 

        First impressions are key but not big enough for me to consider.  Salvation is top priority! That's all bible! "Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?" 2 Corinthians 6:14KJV... How would that work??? Why would I even want to PUT UP with all of that?? It wouldn't work and I wouldn't/wont tolerate that. Matthew Henry States:
"The fatal effects of neglecting Scripture precepts as to marriages clearly appear. Instead of a help meet, the union brings a snare. Those whose cross it is to be unequally united, without their wilful fault, may expect consolation under it; but when believers enter into such unions, against the express warnings of God's word, they must expect must distress."

       This is basically backing up my beliefs. There will be a negative outcome for being in that type of relationship. That doesn't just apply to salvation but just being on one accord. I.E. If I believe that a woman shouldn't be a deacon and speaking in tongues is unrealistic and the other guy believes otherwise then there is a BIG problem! I won't take the guy seriously. I wouldn't trust him. As women we think in future tense easier than men so with that being said, If I was to get married to that man, do you really think I would want my children under his care??? Absolutely not. There will not be a change on my part with that. I can't follow a man that I can't trust to be the PROPER leader...

     Now moving on, He MUST be involved in some type of form when it comes to being in a ministry. I believe being involved in the church is necessary. To the point of being on the clean up crew to soul winning to being on the youth committee or in the choir... just do SOMETHING and do it not to go w/ the motions. If the Lord see me fit to have a husband that is affiliated with the law enforcement, then in some type of way, he can contribute to SOMETHING...

     I'm not done but I'm quitting by saying this last thing...he shouldn't be an all around flirt. He has to have consistency. It should flow with him that naturally he is into me so why would he flirt somewhere else? There is nothing wrong with being flattered when given a compliment but still... there are LIMITS! Wishy washiness isn't appealing!

     I guess as I aged, certain things have become less tolerable for me. Like i said, this info. are brushing the surface! The other things on my list aren't mentioned because It will be too much to read and because if it just so happen that a guy was to read this, I will want him to figure out the other things on his own...your taste in men can and most likely are different from mind which is fine! I'm just displaying MY perspective of things....... You know...what I see...

Sweet dreams, 

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