Friday, May 6, 2011

Breaking the Silence Series: Part 1- Work enviroment

It has been a very long time since I have expressed myself via Blog. So much has happened! My seizures have improved...or shall I say, I have been more disciplined on taking my medication no matter the circumstances. I have made some new friendships, I went to ARKANSAS, I have a better position even thru my circumstances, school is... well awful lol, my walk with God will never be where I want it to be...... but I am STRIVING to improve.

I am making a new series since I have so much to say... so as the title presents, this one is based on my job and what I have learned...

1.) Always take what you learned from your last job or position and use it in a positive way.
My last position had a very quiet environment, surrounded by adults that ranged in their late 30s-possibly 60's. It def. taught me how to mellow out and helped me to make sure I differentiate the work place separate to my personal life the best I can.  I learned the office techniques and brought my qualities to my new office. Now my new office, as a Customer Service Representative under the Student Ambassador program representing the Going the Extra Mile program, is up and coming. We are basically starting everything from scratch. I take my organization skills and phone etiquette into "play".

2.) Every Supervisor is different. My last boss was more "chill" and my current boss is "chill" in her own way. I am given more responsibilities in my new position and sometimes my job is more demanding. Their techniques going about the daily work day is ying and yang. My current boss is more flexible which is an adjustment because Im used to more order...

3.)Team work comes in different forms. I have been reminded to achieve great team work since i have way more coworkers. Communication is even more a bigger deal with what I am involved with. One moment of lack of communication leads us to a mess of confusion and frustration.

I wont ramble on and on b/c i feel you have the point. God prepared me for this position and now I understand why they say God doesn't give us more than we can handle. AMEN! :) ... i doubt that I would be able to consume all the responsibilities that I am undergoing now than In the past... even 6mths ago...I am still bracing myself on the events to come and having a guard up daily on bearing a positive or shakey day. Pray for me yall... that I will grow in humbleness because it's easy to get "big headed" on the job if you aren't careful with what I have experienced. Good night...

{I should expect advancement on my resume')

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