Saturday, July 30, 2011

I have a Song on My Heart

I have been in the choir for almost 3 years. I learned it takes more work than standing on the platform and singing the assigned songs. You have to remember to think about the message. You're singing to GOD and giving Him all the Glory. Your voice is an instrument, so you gotta take better care of it. You are supposed to blend and yet set yourself apart. Have Expression! The words are there but can the congregation tell you mean it? Follow the director at all times. Breathing is critical especially for soloists.

Ever since my church started an "American Idol" themed choir forum, I really wanted a chance so i can "get a solo". WRONG! Now, I know I had/have to learn humbleness, confidence, breathing, voice control, etc. Improvement has been made but instead of my "I want a Solo" Attitude, I'm now like, "I have a song on my heart and I really would like to sing it". It'll be another way to present how much God loves me and what He's done for me.

Personally, I feel Sometimes that hvaing a solo is taken for granted. I LOVE TO SING! If you have your chance then express yourself! Nerves can be so intimidating and I know this for a fact! Lol My nervous habit is shaking hands and my mouth gets dry hahaha...I guess I feel like, If God ever lays on my Choir director's heart for me to sing the song I have on my heart, then I would feel Honored.

See what I mean??


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