Saturday, October 1, 2011

Short and Sweet: You can't rely on everyone even IF they are real close to you

I rather have 2 friends that I can trust 90% of the time that they will have my back than 10 that you will have to remind to keep their mouths shut. I say 90% because you can only be able to put your full trust in GOD. Like it or not people will disappoint you in some type of way and it's up to you to conduct the situation wisely. Trials happen in your life to help you grow spiritually in your Christian walk in patience, faith, wisdom, strength, and more because God loves you. He wants us to grow. Point blank-those that I felt hurt me... I forgive you...even if you don't know that you hurt me. I know I can't be vengeful because I wont succeed anything and overall God wouldn't be pleased. I'm not one is and I have been reminded about that. Now see what I see: You can't be too trusting on Man because they aren't God.

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  1. This was well put right to the point strong and humble! no beating around the corner you say and put it the way it should be It is truly an blessing to be able to be an aunt and truly a blessing when your niece is so well with who she is Thank You for the add I am learning and loving what I am finding out so sorry it took so long for you and I to met keep the blogs going I do see You!! God is Almighty!! Enjoyed your blog!!