Thursday, December 2, 2010

O the importance of Sleep

    For those that do not know, I am majoring in accounting at my local community college.  I fortunately have 6 MORE CLASSES LEFT! yeeesss... It has taken me approximately 5 years just to get my associates.  Why you may ask? Well last year I didn't register due to financial reasons.  Other than that, I been paying out of the pocket so far.  PRAISE GOD! No debt right?! lol...So throughout my wonderful experience, I have had only one semester prior that I would go to bed in the wee hours of the morning.  Well this past week, I had to relive those moments. 

    I am currently taking Early Child Development:  Materials and Methods.  Now i know what you are possibly thinking...Whhyyyy are you taking a teacher's course if you are a accounting major?  Well It was an available elective that fit under "Cultural Diversity"... lol i thought i would be working hands on with children but instead discovered into the class that I would be making LESSON PLANS... lol.  It's no surprise that I'm the ONLY accounting major in the class and the veteran in the class... even over the professor! lol... So these few weeks are crunch time! That being said, I been working harder on revising my "lovely" lesson plans.  That being said,  This week so far has taught me the Importance of SLEEP.  Monday "nigh": 2am was my bedtime.  Tuesday "night":  330am.  Just to turn in an assignment on Wednesday at 930am.  I gained 5.5hrs of sleep within 2 days.  Wednesday afternoon:  I took a nap at 4 and asked my sister to wake me up at 5.  She wakes me up at 515 and says, "Hey its 515" My response, "what?" Her:  "It 515..." Me:  Why am I getting up at 515?" she then gives up lol... and then it hits me, "OOooo wait! It's 515!" I had to get going for bible study lol... sooo glad my sister was home!  Wednesday night:  10pm i got in the house, immediately got myself ready for today (Thursday) ... i just had that "gut feeling" to be ready for just in case i wake up behind schedule. i definitely did.  This morning:  I woke up at 8am.  Let's just say im expected to be at work at 9am.  On a typical day, Im on the train at 8am. 

Lets recap:  Lack of sleep leads to confusion, lack of memory, tardiness, and sluggish behavior.  Lesson learned:  Do the lengthy assignments FIRST lol and then the easy ones when on a winter/spring break. :) lol...

So I SHOULD have EXPECTED a not so good outcome due to my not so good decision.

Good Night. :)


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