Tuesday, December 7, 2010

O...Oooo okay... I think I see why I still have my job

     For over a year, I have been looking for a new job so i can get paid more and have a permanent position.  This past week i have realized as to possibly why i haven't achieved the goal of getting a new job!  I haven't finished learning what I need to learn that can help me for whatever job God has planned for me.

     I'm technically getting underpaid with no benefits and cut hours.  Yet, BUT yet... my job is very flexible. I noticed today that I'm still learning things around the office that I didn't know.  So this morning I came to the conclusion that if I were to go to another position then i would look dumb! lol... Might I add that my job is also helping me to be accountable with school and pushing me to do at LEAST a 2.50 on my GPA.  I can't keep my job unless I am in school.  Because of that... I am now 5 classes away from my Associates after this spring semester. 

All in All... I realized that this is a prime example of how IIIiiii think i may be ready for something but God is prolly saying, "Ummm No.  You aren't ready like you think you are. So wait!"  And after im STILL learning what Im learning... I will appreciate having a job and take in all that I can while i hold the position and make THE BEST of what I have...

I should expect more wisdom in the work field due to the circumstances with my job.  Good night....


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